Please read BEFORE registering online: Updated 4/28/2023

Our 2022-2023 classes are almost complete. Please call 541-0184 to inquire before completing the registration form for this semester. Thank you!

Reminder: All family members who live in the same household are included in the $50 registration fee. 

If you forgot to register an older or younger sibling, please be sure to complete an additional form BUT please let us know :)

Thank you!

Information Needed When Registering

NEW TO OUR PROGRAM? Please gather the following documents before completing Steps 1 & 2 below. No registration will be accepted without proper documents 

1) Baptism certificate for each NEW child to our program - regardless of denomination (we have copies on file if you provided within the last several years)

2) If your child is NOT Baptized, please provide an original LONG form BIRTH certificate- we can no longer accept the short form as it does not include the information needed for church archives.  All forms must be original. 

3) Current parishioners & CCE students will have priority when determining classes.  Transfer registrations will be considered at a later date if space is available.  At that time, we will need a letter of transfer from your parish priest/DRE.  Thank you!

St. Luke CCE classes will be in person. A printable version of the annual Calendar is available on the Religious Education webpage throughout the year.  You can also print a copy of our Arrival & Departure policy (including a map) to share with all who will assist with this.

All parents should join our Remind group for parents by sending a text to 81010 that says @parentcce

Have questions? Call the CCE Office at (956) 541-0184 or (956) 541-1480 ext107

Note: In order to register for the second year of Baptism, First Holy Communion or Confirmation classes, students must have completed the Phase 1 Class & pass a pre-requisite evaluation (basic prayers) Sign of the Cross, Glory Be, Lord's Prayer (Our Father) and Hail Mary and the Ten Commandments. Confirmation students should also have the above information memorized and be prepared for an evaluation based on this info. For those who have completed Year 1- A packet will be sent to the primary parent & student email address listed on the electronic consent form once your registration is complete. Students will be evaluated as indicated in the packet. 

THIS ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM WILL BE AVAILABLE UNTIL September 1st for online registration for the 1st week of classes. After that, registrations will be only for available spaces and will be announced at the top of this page. Both New & Returning students will need to complete steps 1 & 2 to register.  Thank you!

**To Register for Adult Classes, please scroll down to the bottom

**Hear a voice calling you to volunteer this year? Click here for more info on opportunities in the CCE program

Step 1 of 2: Complete the 2022-2023 Registration Form below in English (on left) or Spanish (on right) &  Click Submit

Please note: This form includes a space to upload a Baptism certificate for your child(ren).  If you do not have a copy, please wait to complete the registration form until you can obtain a copy from the parish where he/she was baptized.  If your child was in our program previously, we should have a copy on file and you will not need to upload a new one (please call our direct line (956) 541-0184 with questions). 

**after completing and submitting the form for Step 1 you will receive an automatic response via email that it was submitted correctly. If you do not receive the email with a copy of your registration, we did NOT receive the registration form either.  Please be sure to complete all "required" fields.

**if you have trouble seeing the registration form in the box below, please click on the small square with arrow and it will open in another tab; please complete only 1 form per family in either English (left) OR Spanish (right). NOTE: because our registration form includes a space to upload documents, a gmail account OR email account that is associated with Google is necessary for signing in. If you are unable to complete this form online, we will designate specific dates for in person registration later in August as needed. Thank you!

ENGLISH- 2022-2023 Registration Form

SPANISH- 2022-2023 Registration Form

Step 2 of 2:  Pay $50 registration fee (per family). 

Click the link to the online payment system hosted by the: Diocese of BrownsvilleOnce there, you will need to

1) Select Organization: St. Luke School - Brownsville

2) After making payment, send a copy of the receipt via email to or upload it with your registration (should include a payment confirmation number) so that your family & child(rens) account will be credited correctly.

**Tips for online payment system: We have been told that using a credit card works best.  If you are given an "error" when typing info- you may need to reload the page and begin again. Avoid using "auto fill" to type your information- you will need to type the info into each field or it reads as an error/incomplete field.

If you are unable to pay online, please stop by the CCE office during office hours to pay the registration fee for your family by cash or check.

Please understand, we will need a few days to verify that steps 1&2 have been completed as we receive, print, and match each students documents. Students will only be considered registered and placed on the roster for this year  once we have processed the 2 steps - this includes the registration form (including a Baptism certificate for each child) and registration fee for the family.  Thank You!

Blessings & See you soon!

Adults interested in attending CCE classes, 

please complete the form below.  

Date & time for Adult classes will be announced. Please contact us for more info at (956) 541-0184.Thank you!

**NOTE: if you are unable to see the registration form in the box below, please click on the small square with arrow and it will open in another tab

**See above for payment/donation page.