Reconciliation Class

Children and adults ages 7+ (generally in 2nd grade) can begin preparation for the program to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Our young disciples should be enrolled in CCE classes and adults should be enrolled in RCIA classes.

Contact the CCE office at (956) 541-0184 (leave a message) or email for more information. Registration for the sacrament classes takes place in the Summer/ Fall each year. More information can be found in the Religious Education tab.

Reconciliation Class Resources

(The following are primarily for the children/teens in CCE classes- click the links below for more info) (Adults seeking more info, please call the Religious Education office)

How to go to confession

Act of Contrition

Examination of Conscience for children

Examination of Conscience

2021-22 calendar ph2 communion.pdf

Reconciliation/ Eucharist Phase 2 Calendar

**this was given at our Prayer Pop In to students in Mr. Carlos Sanchez, Mrs. Robin Arreola or Mrs. Mayleen Soto's classes.

**Dates/scheduling subject to change as we receive additional info from the Diocese of Brownsville.

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