Frequently Asked Questions

Are there CCE classes for my child if he/she already received First Communion or Confirmation?Absolutely! Your knowledge after first communions and confirmation needs to grow as you do. Can you imagine a teenager examining their conscience as a third grader does?
When does my child need to start for First Communion?At the very earliest, 2nd grade is the year to begin in order to receive in third grade. Preferably all first graders should attend just to come to know God and prayers.
When does my child need to start for Confirmation?In the 9th grade or above for two years consecutively. 8th grade is not the age for confirmation preparation...the student needs to be at least 16 years old OR in their sophomore year of high school to receive the sacrament.
What about classes for middle schoolers?We feel the middle schoolers are most in need of community and faith development. CCE is that and more. This is one place where Jesus' example makes the most difference! It is also a very important time for parents to spend time with their children/pre-teens. We often get calls from parents right around January asking for "help" with their middle school pre-teen. Don't wait!
Do you have PreKinder classes?We are sorry, we do not. We do have summer bible camp for one full week so keep an eye and ear out for the dates.
Where can I pay the $50 family registration fee?Currently, the registration fee should be made at the website for Diocese of Brownsville under donation. Click St Luke School- Brownsville and be sure to send us a copy of the receipt to our email: so we can mark it in our office.Click here for the link to the diocese donation page
Can I make the CCE payment from our website?You can access the diocese through our website under links -Diocese of Brownsville or click the link above.
What happens if my payment will not go through?Try a bit later and please note that it does not leave your bank account that very moment. It can take a day or two. We understand. If still it does not, you can give us a call.
Do you take checks?At this time we are encouraged to avoid requesting that parents stop in at our office, but we are glad to assist you should you have no other avenue. Call the CCE office at 541-1480 ext 107.
How do I register for CCE classes?The link can be found on our Religious Education web page- be sure to read all the details :)
How many years must a child/teen attend for sacraments?Two years consecutively and depending on understanding of topic it can be three years. This is rare and is usually a result of poor attendance.
Are there adult classes for sacraments?Yes, they run from the end of September through May. Send us an email if you're interested.
Who can attend adult classes?Anyone over the age of 18 and out of high school.
Is there a youth group?Saint Luke parish has groups of active youth who participate year round in all parish functions. They are broken down into groups and serve where they are drawn to. It is not about the number attending, but what they feel they are best inclined or able to nurture. For example: Wednesday night prayer group, altar servers, retreat team, action teams, fellowship, liturgy, choirs and more. The contacts are on the website.
Do you need volunteers?Yes, especially for CCE classrooms ( some sacrament requirements), drop off and pick up and bible camp sponsors. We train and guide. A background check and attendance at a session for Empowering God's Children are required for those age 18+.
Is the church a business?The church is the body of Christ. He is the head and we, the people are the body which has many parts. The body must remain healthy in mind, heart and soul to grow and prosper. We all do our best to feed and support each other in fullness of the church's head, Jesus Christ. He alone knows our business. We simply try.